Heavy Duty Truck Towing Metro Tampa, FL

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Sunstate Wrecker provides 24hr heavy duty towing for all truck weights and classes in Tampa and throughout Metro Tampa Bay. Our fast response heavy towing operators are experienced in big truck towing and recovery techniques and will tow your truck to your desired destination throughout the area. We have experience is safe and efficient routing through the city saving you time and money. Call our 24hr Heavy Duty Towing Dispatch Line at 813-874-9895.

Sunstate Wrecker is licensed to provide heavy truck towing throughout Florida and is a partner with the Tampa Police Department and the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. We can provide heavy towing services for all types of trucks including: semi-trucks, box trucks, delivery trucks, garbage trucks and construction trucks. Our team of professional recovery experts stand ready to respond to your call. Call our 24hr dispatch center now at 813-874-9895.

Tampa's Experienced Heavy Duty Towers

Sunstate Wrecker has over 100 years of heavy truck towing and recovery experience on staff ready to serve you. We provide Tampa towing & recovery for large trucks including semi-tractors, coach and tour buses and tractor-trailers. So whatever your towing needs may be, Sunstate Wrecker is prepared with fast and affordable solutions. Contact our 24hr dispatch center at 813-874-9895.

Complete Tampa Heavy Truck
Towing & Recovery

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With a fleet of heavy duty towing trucks at the ready, we are prepared to deliver quality heavy truck towing services at a moment's notice. We provide complete heavy duty truck towing throughout greater Tampa and immediate response heavy towing throughout Metro Tampa. We offer heavy truck towing, recovery, storage and truck transporting services for all commercial trucks including tractor trailers, straight trucks, emergency vehicles, construction equipment, cranes, delivery trucks and dump trucks.

We maintain a host of recovery equipment to provide fast, safe and affordable commercial vehicle recovery throughout Tampa 24/7/365. Our 24hr dispatch center can be reached at 813-874-9895.

Heavy Duty Recovery Tampa

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Sunstate Wrecker Service provides 24hr heavy duty recovery and cargo services in Tampa and throughout Metro Tampa Bay. Our team is comprised of certified and trained towing and recovery operators and are experienced in all types of heavy truck recovery techniques minimizing additional damage to the truck, trailer and cargo. Our vast knowledge will ensure the accident scene is cleared and cleaned as quickly as safety allows. Our heavy duty recovery equipment includes a 60-ton heavy duty rotator, a 50-ton heavy duty wrecker, a complete MatJack Air Bag Recovery System and an extensive list of recovery tools and equipment to ensure a fast and affordable recovery for your asset. If you are looking for fast and affordable heavy duty recovery services in Tampa call Sunstate Wrecker now at 813-874-9895.

Truck & Trailer Parking & Storage

Sunstate Wrecker provides secure Tampa Semi-Truck Parking and trailer storage at our facilities in Tampa. We have over 10 acres of gated, secure and monitored storage space in the greater Tampa area and can provide big truck storage and all types of cargo storage and handling.

Medium Duty Towing Tampa

Sunstate Wrecker has a fleet of medium duty tow trucks equipped to tow delivery trucks from the tightest places. Our fleet of truck towing equipment can safely remove and tow a truck from any alley, street, highway, freeway or driveway. Boasting years of experiences and several towing certifications, the Sunstate Wrecker Towing Team is prepared to tow your truck now. Sunstate Wrecker provides affordable medium duty towing for service trucks and RVs. We are the medium duty towing experts can tow your truck to any location in greater Metro Tampa. We routinely provide towing for Delivery Trucks, Straight Trucks, Construction Trucks, Work Trucks, Service Trucks, RVs, Motor homes and 5th Wheels and Travel Trailers.

Contact Sunstate Wrecker & Hauling Service Now at 813-874-9895